The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is a mental and physical activity performed by an individual with the purpose of getting detachment from thoughts and feelings to attain full awareness and peace of mind.

Meditation does not cost anything but is valuable in obtaining inner peace from within and it can be practiced anywhere, anytime and by everybody. Everyone undergoes certain phases in their lives in which negative energy is predominant. If such situations are not resolved in time, then they may deteriorate quality of life. Meditation helps to address to such situations by attaining peaceful state of mind by normalizing the physiological processes of the body, which allows rational analysis of unfavorable situation. Meditation allows one to take hold of the situation because of generation of positive energy and one is able to see the situation in its perspective view.

Virtually all religions include concepts of meditation, although some do not use the term meditation to define the meditative practices they recommend or follow. Meditation is not always a religious practice. It is a way of living naturally, happily and without suffering from lifestyle related diseases. Meditation is increasingly employed as treatment for various types of lifestyle related diseases.

To have a feel of meditation, just have a view of sunset and make an effort to experience the calm and inner joy. Your mind will become clear and you will experience peace.

Ultimate objective of meditation is to just become aware, (not judge or think, just being aware), to attain peace, and live each moment as it unfolds.

What happens during meditation?

Meditation is classic relaxation procedure. Many important physiological changes take place during meditative state, like conservation of your energy, removal of stress, normalization of your respiration, blood pressure, heart rate, and revitalization of the whole system. As you keep on practicing meditation, you will experience that your mind becomes uncluttered and detached. Negative energy lying in your system is replaced by positive energy. As you advance further in meditating, you will be able to develop your instinct and rise to causal and super-causal sphere. During advanced practice of meditation, one is able to rise beyond the physical, mental and emotional state. This is a stage beyond time, space and emotion. At this stage the stress does not exist. After you have attained such a stage of meditating, your responses to worldly events are not spontaneous but you will choose an appropriate response to an event. The only thing you can do at this stage is be happy and make others happy.

Meditative techniques allow mind to visualize the functions of the body experiencing panic events. After you have identified and located the disorder in your body, meditation will correct the disorder by providing adequate supply of blood to the location in question, normalizing the rate of heart, and enhancing immune response. Meditation is thus helpful in managing panic events to bring back order to mind and body.

Meditation should become part of daily routine of today’s fast lifestyle, therefore, every one should learn the technique of meditation. Many are overworking due to competitive pressure of either study or profession. As a result there is a development of stress and associated risks of development of lifestyle related diseases such as anxiety and depression, hypertension, diabetes, cardiac disorders, etc. Cortisol is a hormone which is released when one is exposed to stressful conditions. It is documented that meditation reduces the concentration of cortisol in the blood of the person who is meditating. Reduction in the concentration of cortisol results in relief from stress, feeling of well-being and overall happiness. Meditation also increases creative ability and ability to solve problems. All styles of meditation practice the world over are helpful for attaining peace of mind and improved health.

Meditation normalizes blood pressure, rate of heart and respiration in short time. Meditation increases the production of nitric oxide which is a vasodilator and it lowers blood pressure. Meditation also helps to normalize the chemistry blood for maintaining a normal blood pressure. Because of this therapeutic action of meditation, many commercial branded courses are marketed, such as transcendental meditation for treatment of hypertension, cardiac disorders, anxiety and depression. Another such package offered is Vipassana Meditation, although this is also offered free of cost or at nominal cost by many organizations.

Many doctors recommend practice of meditation along with the medicines they prescribe for the treatment of depression. It is documented that meditation corrects the imbalance of chemistry of the mind and blood. Meditation is a process where mind influence the body to attain order and harmony.

Meditation has its effects at physical level, mental level and spiritual level and hence offers excellent healing effects.

Breathing in a rhythmus way is primary requirement of meditation and hence it enhances the efficiency of lungs and as a result more oxygen is taken up by blood which increases overall efficiency of the body and the immune system as well. Thus meditation also helps the patients of asthma and bronchitis.

At spiritual level meditation attunes the inner-self to enhance the power, may be called, will power, possessed by everyone. An increased will power enables you to organize your activities for attaining the desired personal growth.