Pros And Cons Of Electric Cars And Trucks

Small towns in America are full of cars and trucks. People who live in big cities believe that public transportation is the answer to many environmental causes, but the people who live in the larger cities fundamentally misunderstand small town life. Such misunderstandings have led to harmful programs such as the Obama administration’s cash for clunkers program. Instead of relying on more public transportation programs, people need to come up with a way to replace the cars and trucks currently in use. The solutions need to be low-cost replacements that can go as far as people can go on their current gas engines.

Electric cars and trucks are often used in city environments. The twenty-thirty mile range of these vehicles does not hinder most city driving. A 20-30 mile range is inappropriate for the more rural and small town regions. New technologies are working on ways to improve the range of such engines. Tesla Motors is working on an engine with a range of 280 miles. The expense of the car has prevented it from coming into mass production. Tesla Motors may be working with a more efficient engine, but it will have to find a way to work with other developers to help bring the costs down.

Electric cars and trucks are available, but the environmental impact may not be what people think. While it will cut the emissions from vehicles, there is one major problem with the these vehicles. The electricity to power them is still generated from the use of fossil fuels. Coal usually takes the place of gasoline. The problem the environmentalists worry about will not be solved unless an individual finds a way to power the car from places that use alternative energy sources.

There is another downside to electric cars. The cars take a longer to charge than gasoline cars to take to refill. An individual may need several hours to start the car again if the battery is completely drained. For the moment, hybrid cars with different drive trains can help an individual get around this problem. Hybrid cars can also charge the electric batteries while running on its petroleum engine.