How To Run Your Car On Water

There are a few things many people do not know about cars. The issue of fuel is a good example. If your car uses gasoline, chances are high that you only feed it with gasoline. What you do not know, however, is that your car can run on water. Of course, this does not mean that you just take water and pour it into the gasoline tank; there are a few modifications that need to be done and you will be running your car on water.

This is possible because water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, what chemists call H2O. This compound can be electrolyzed to form Brown’s gas (HHO), which is then added to the engines fuel intake and hence increase the efficiency of the engine. In the process, the emissions from your vehicle will be reduced, and you will be minding the environment in the process.

Of course, you will still be buying gas as usual. The advantage is that your gas will last longer than before. It might seem a little bit complicated but it is simple, really. The process releases hydrogen that enriches the normal fuel. Perhaps you have heard that hydrogen is a very explosive element, and you are afraid that you will be endangering your life and your car. You can rest assured that the hydrogen levels in Brown’s gas are non-explosive.

Before you start, enjoy the benefits of running your car on water, you need to build and install a water-burning hybrid contraption. You do not have to be a first rate mechanic to build and install this modification. There are ready-made installations that you can purchase and install on your own. The contraption is then installed under the hood of the vehicle, and once you do it, you will immediately notice the improvement in your car’s engine. This installation will go a long way in reducing your gas expenses. If you are a frequent motorist, the overall savings per month will be staggering.

Those who are crazy about cars and their modifications are even thinking about taking it a step further. There are people currently researching on how to improve the modification so that gasoline is not needed at all. They want to improve cars to run completely on water. However, as at now, the available technology only allows you to run your car partially on water, and you still need to buy a little fuel every now and then.