Easy Password Recovery Techniques

There are a number of people who have a lot of online accounts. Some may have an account of two or more on the following online programs or social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, My Space, LiveJournal, Tagged, Orkut, and the likes. Sometimes, one password could rumble up with another and without you knowing, you are left with an unrecalled password. One way to retrieve a forgotten password is through password recovery programs.

One program that can help you with password recovery is the website’s official password recovery program. This can be done by simply clicking the “Forgot your Password?” link. This link is usually located below the password log in entry field in your chosen networking site. Of course, you will not automatically see your password. You need to fill-in other information required by the website such as your email address, phone number, and oftentimes the program will ask you to enter the distorted words presented in the Captcha ( this prevents automated hacking and to prove than the one retrieving the password is human). After filling up this data, you will receive a confirmation letter in your email. Some sites will require you to enter a code number (seen inside the confirmation letter) while some will just ask you to click a link (included inside the confirmation letter) that will automatically direct you to another tab and ask you for your new password. Once you have already entered your new password, you are now ready to plunge in into your account.

Another program that can help you with password recovery is the WebBrowserPassView. This program can be downloaded online. This program has the capability to recover password from four different browsers namely Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. After downloading the program, open the zip file and run the WebBrowserPassView.exe. It should be noted that this program can extract all password from your system and your anti-virus software may stop this program from running. Once the main window is opened, you will automatically see four columns with the following headings: URL, Web Browser, User Name and Password. Simply look for your URL to find your password.

These are some ways that can help you recover your password. With these techniques, you will surely feel at ease when you forget your password the second time around.